SDSU Media Studio

When the Associated Students at SDSU decided to create this audio/video studio, they chose TechArts to take on the AV systems design and integration. With our strong studio background and programming skills, we were able to create a large touchscreen-based visual patching design that simplified setup for both novice and expert levels without sacrificing functionality.

SDSU first addressed acoustics early on by securing consultant Vance Breshears of Idibri. After considering the necessary studio production experience and the challenge of being for such a wide range of users, he recommended the TechArts team.

The studio is full 4k throughout with easy means for routing via the visual patch screen. It’s setup with a plan-view of the items in the facility. The user simply selects a destination, and then selects any source to route to that destination. Users can route to multiple destinations simultaneously such as monitors, the video recorder, any of the control room iMacs, video switcher, etc. At the client’s request, we added a “quick vid” setup that allows someone to jump in with the PTZ and shotgun mic at the touch of one button.

The audio recording system is equally flexible. Mixing and creating in-ear monitor mixes is easy on the touch screen. More advanced users can jump into multi-tracking on any of the iMacs using any of the major software types. Between the Apollo and the Yamaha mixer’s expansive Dante integration, there is plenty of flexibility for full band recordings, even during simultaneous video productions or webcasts.

A fully integrated Dante-based communication system is also routed and controlled from the large touch screen making it easy to cross over the use between the Yamaha mixer and the personnel throughout the rooms.

This was a great fit for the unique talent at TechArts. We have enjoyed serving the staff at SDSU. The project is an awesome success through a model collaborative effort. This kind of unique innovation only comes with the TechArts team.

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